Get the right things done.

Effectively manage your to-dos using the Eisenhower matrix, a proven time management technique.

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There are hundreds of tools to manage your tasks. You have tried them all.
But haven't you always left at some time because these lists became longer and longer?

Wait no longer, help is here!

Eisenhower strictly adheres to Dwight Eisenhower's urgency-importance matrix,
helping you to fight stress and procrastination while working on what's really important.

Special Features

Eisenhower Matrix


Eisenhower is built specifically for time management fans, automatically helping you to think about priorities before putting down tasks.

Task Counter


On each to-do sheet, you can manage up to 8 tasks. For a better overview on existing workload, open tasks are also indicated on the big navigation tabs.

Focus Mode


For urgent and important tasks, you can use a special timer, helping you to focus on only one task for 30 minutes—even with a ticking sound, if you like.

Schedule & Delegate


Using other task-related actions, you can directly place reminders in your calendar or send e-mails including the tasks you have defined to others.

Movable Tasks


When urgency and priority for an existing task changes, just tap and hold (long press) a task to move it around—even between the quadrants.

Cloud Sync


If you log in using your account, both iPhone and web client synchronize automatically. No matter which one you use, your lists are always up to date.

Your Advantages

Easy & Fast

Built with simplicity and ease of use in mind, Eisenhower is damn easy to install and use while blazingly fast.

On the Go

Eisenhower is your personal time management assistant for iOS. Always ready, in every situation.


With the help of friends, we have translated Eisenhower to Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, and Russian already.

Free Web App

Alternatively, you can view and maintain your Eisenhower matrix in your web browser of choice—for free.

Others' opinions

A “getting things done” app that uses a novel system for organizing your tasks — the Eisenhower matrix.

—Kit Eaton, The New York Times

The app is excellent at organizing personal and professional tasks in order to increase productivity and do-away with the numerous to-do lists that we find ourselves with.

—Paul Morris, Redmond Pie

I use Eisenhower to break down certain projects to make them more manageable, and I wind up delegating or deleting a lot more because of that.

—Mike Vardy, The Next Web

I indeed finished each of the "Do First" tasks in order, and achieved Inbox Zero. This is the most productive day I've had in months!

—Amit S. Bajaj, Early user via e-mail

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