Eisenhower Matrix Canvas

For all you pen and paper fans out there: we have a nicely laid out Eisenhower Matrix canvas PDF for you — free for personal use and ready to print on paper!

Eisenhower Matrix Canvas Notepad

Hereafter fire up your inkjet for a stack of regular papers to work with right now, or have it printed by your local printer of choice, maybe even bring a larger version for your office wall.

Not yet familiar with how to best manage your tasks? See our introduction to the Eisenhower Matrix over here.

Benefits of an Eisenhower Matrix on Paper

Small & Handy

Always have your matrix right on your desk. It doesn’t occupy your computer’s screen, and you never run out of battery when on the go.

Easy & enjoyable

Quickly jot down your to-dos anytime. Strikethrough when done and enjoy the wonderful happiness of accomplishing tasks.

Daily fresh start

Grab your current page, rip it off and throw it in the trash bin across the room – a satisfying exercise following a hard day’s work.

Are you a business owner or manager looking to keep your employees and business partners more focused and productive?

Become their productivity coach with this unique giveaway: Help them take back control of their time to squeeze more accomplishments out of the day with the official Eisenhower Matrix canvas notepad!

We are offering higher-volume orders of notepads starting at batches of 100 or more, each of them featuring 50 glue-bound sheets of high-quality, color-printed DIN A5 paper. You can also have your own branding added for an extra cost.

Eisenhower Matrix Canvas Notepad

We are shipping within Germany only. Worldwide business customers can obtain a printing license instead. To place an order, please contact us at business@eisenhower.me.