A Few Words about Us

About Eisenhower

Our solutions are inspired by the proven Eisenhower Matrix time management principle. Built with simplicity in mind, we provide you with a suite of apps and tools to focus and work on the most important tasks. While helping you prioritize and plan easily, Eisenhower minimizes stress and increases productivity.

“Sure, there are hundreds of to-do apps out there, all promising to help us do our jobs. With Eisenhower, however, we consistently focus on an old-fashioned sounding but widely proven strategy to support you in actually doing the stuff you are supposed to: the Eisenhower Matrix.”

—Andreas, founder of Eisenhower

Born in Cologne, Raised in Düsseldorf

Sometime in 2011 during a time management training in Cologne, Germany, we were again introduced to the Eisenhower Matrix. Missing a decent web and iOS app that applied the proven principle, after searching for well-designed alternatives online, we made the decision to start working an implementation of our own shortly after. It started as a side project—and still is—but thanks to you, our users, it has always felt like something much bigger. Around Christmas 2011, we launched our very first web prototype, then quickly rewrote everything from scratch after gaining traction. The second web app launched in May 2012 which also provided the logic and interface to enable synchronization with the iOS app.

“We initially planned to finish Eisenhower for iPhone in just a few weekends. But our part-time project soon evolved as we put more and more effort into it, delaying its release until months later as we kept testing and polishing until we were absolutely satisfied.”

—Tim, Eisenhower iPhone developer

Our iPhone app then became available on September 4, 2012, offering the ability to synchronize your tasks with the free web application.
Today, while meanwhile being based out of Düsseldorf next door, we also offer a free Eisenhower Matrix canvas template for our users, plus a printed A5 paper notepad edition for businesses customers.

Behind the Scenes

Eisenhower is entirely bootstrapped and run part time. The founder Andreas Kwiatkowski is based in Düsseldorf, Germany, where he is working at trivago by day, and tweaking Eisenhower by night. Previously, both Andreas and Tim were founders of the mobile app development studio Rheinfabrik, which they grew from 2013 until selling the company to Expedia and trivago in 2015.

Get in Touch

Contact us on Twitter or send an e-mail to hello@eisenhower.me.